Uganda Rolls Out Rotavirus Vaccine Into The Routine Immunization Schedule

Buikwe – 26 June 2018- The Government of Uganda has rolled out Rotavirus vaccine into the Routine Immunization Schedule to protect children under five years of age from diarrhea. This is the 11th vaccine that is provided free to infants and children at all health facilities and selected community outreaches within the country.

Rotavirus infection is the leading cause of diarrhea in children under five and it is highly contagious. The virus may cause severe, dehydrating diarrhoea in young children and can sometimes lead to death in untreated cases.

Buikwe District was selected as the host for the national launch of Rotavirus vaccine because analysis of data showed that Buikwe ranks high in reporting diarrheal diseases in outpatient attendance. Over the last three years, it was among the top five districts having the highest prevalence of diarrheal diseases.

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